Ubuntu Resort and Center for African Medicine is a vision and a dream come true! A vision created by Cingiswa Mtabati, traditional healer and prominent businesswoman and Dr. BoJørgensen plant scientist and business mentor. A vision of how to utilize the great knowledge of Africa’s traditional healers without selling out of this indigenous heritage. And a dream of creating a center for the preservation and development of the oldest and most well established traditional medicine - the African!

We have taken the first important step by acquiring an exquisite 100ha property between the cities of Port Alfred and Bathurst on South Africa’s Sunshine Coast. Here, we are surrounded by the most exciting array of game reserves and parks, yet to be equaled in Southern Africa. In a totally Malaria-free area, with so much to do, so many interesting places to go to and so much to do while visiting us here. The warm Indian Ocean and many great rivers offer endless opportunities for bathing, boating, water-skiing, surfing, windsurfing, angling, diving, canoeing and bird watching. This is the world of eco-tourism!

Currently we are designing our resort using only local materials and the most eco-friendly techniques, for we are in a biodiversity hotspot and protection of the environment is a cardinal issue for us.

At Ubuntu Resort and Center for African Medicine we are going to bring wellbeing and the cultural experience to the pallet things to see and do. But we will be so much more than yet another health resort! We will create awareness about the value of traditional knowledge and biodiversity. We will have our own Community outreach programs within: Healthy living, home industry, home growing of vegetables and small scale entrepreneurship. And we will have a organic production nursery to grow our own medicinal plants, herbs and vegetables.

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Traditional African medicine is the oldest medicine in the world for it has evolved with man itself! The traditional knowledge and herbal skill of Africa’s traditional healers are immense! Yet we cannot promise a cure for all, there are some conditions that simply are beyond any medicine presently known to man.



All research proves it; we all originate from Africa! Africa is the place where man evolved, and the latest research tells us that just here on the south coast of South Africa was where modern man developed humanity and society. So no matter who you are or where you are from you have ancestors in Africa – Africa is the motherland! Africa welcomes you home and we welcome you home!

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